The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort borrows its name from the stunning land it sits on. The Great Rift Valley is one of the greatest natural structures on earth, visible from outer space, stretching 5,500 kilometers, spanning two continents from Jordan in the Middle East, through Kenya in East Africa to Mozambique in Africa. No country can boast of such vivid panoramas of the Great Rift Valley as in Kenya.

Straddling the rim of the mighty Eburru, every view from the room shows a facet of the Valley’s dynamic vistas. Built around an 18-hole golf course, the lodge is leisurely set on a wide expanse of the massif – each villa and room opening to surreal settings.

The Lodge Rooms

On a quick break out of Nairobi or enroute from safari, the Rift’s rooms are spacious with a lounge and fireplace and private balconies overlooking the Aberdares, Kenya’s longest mountain massif stretching 160 kilometres, the Kinangop plateau lying a tier below the Aberdares and the plains of Eburru littered with black obsidian stone telling its volcanic past. You can choose between twin beds or a double bed.

The mountain’s slopes full of indigenous plants attract an assortment of birds, which makes for bird watching from the comfort of your private balcony fun – and at night, looking out for constellations of stars and planets in the celestial skies exciting.

The Longonot Villas

Set on beautifully landscaped gardens of succulent plants and ponds, the Longonot Villas open out to the mighty mountain that is Longonot, an extinct volcano from the bygone ages of the Rift’s turbulent past filled dramatic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. On clear days, the mountain takes a double take, reflected in the fresh waters of Lake Naivasha, the highest of the Rift Valley lakes.

Each of the 40 villas is a three-tier three-bedroomed house – a home away from home, a designer’s delight complete with every modern amenity to make the traveler feel right at home. The living room, dining room and kitchen take the entire floor with the master bedroom on the top tier. The ground floor with the two bedrooms open to the garden with every floor giving that unforgettable view of the mountain and the lake. The villas are ideal for families and friends wanting a home atmosphere with a choice of home cooking or eating out at the lodge’s restaurants.

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