Though the Serengeti park boundaries officially define the Serengeti, the ecosystem goes way beyond these limits; we call it the Greater Serengeti. It's a giant picture of wild Tanzania - masses of animals, contrasting landforms, and tribal peoples. We roam around the lot in true nomad fashion.

Serengeti Safari Camp is semi-nomadic - it won't move while you're there - but it's actually on a wide orbit, shadowing the Migration: so you, your own Tanzanian driver/guide and private 4WD vehicle are as close to a million wildebeest as possible.

The camp travels within the Serengeti National Park and surrounding area, where densities of animals are mostly higher, and the chance of seeing large predators is much greater. It's the base for exciting game drives - conquering the landscapes and absorbing the sheer hugeness of it all. Daily adventures are yours to plan with your own guide to take you into the midst.

Whilst you can head off from dawn to dusk on your own expeditions with private guide and 4WD vehicle, the small camp is sociable because it's shared - with just 12 guests staying in classic East African bush style, in fabulous campsites chosen for their close proximity to the migration.

Each of the six tents are light in their footprint, but with all that anyone might need in their own bush home: spacious tents with deeply comfortable beds, a roomy dressing area, and then an ensuite bathroom with long drop toilet, and traditional safari style bucket showers with hot and cold water on demand.

Only a short stroll away is the candlelit mess/library and dining tent for some evening safari bonhomie. Our safari chefs are absolute wizards at preparing the best meals in the midst of this bush paradise.

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