East Africa is the nature photographer’s paradise!  From wonderful landscapes, people and the amazing wildlife we have it all here.  Discerning nature Photographers will surely appreciate and enjoy the best viewing experiences that we offer all our clients.

For all photographic safaris in Kenya & Tanzania we insist on staying a minimum of 2 nights in each location, this is to ensure that you are in no hurry and thus enabling you to get the best photographic experience in every destination you visit.  You will have at your disposal your own professional guide as well as a state of the art safari vehicle.  These are usually at your disposal and it guarantees that you can stay out in the wilderness taking all the photos you need without any time constraints.

Our Kenya & Tanzania photographic safaris include private conservancies as well as the national parks, more over we use camps and lodges which will help give you vantage positions in your photography expeditions

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