It was a perfect warm and sunny morning and we all hit the ground running with the preparations for the afternoon wedding celebration.  De-leon and I were busy looking around at the locations and planning the photography agenda for the afternoon.  We asked one of the kind local Masai guides to take us down off the escarpment into the plains to see about planning the classic, open plain, African scene.

When we got back to the Mara West Camp we learnt that due to the hot weather and the fact we were not expecting rain on a day like this the ceremony was to be pushed back to 3.00pm. So there was plenty of time for capturing the preparations.  It was a fantastic time and Sonia did an amazing job of doing her own makeup after a practice session with our makeup artist Lisa Bray.  She was a truly stunning bride with wonderful originality and she is absolutely as graceful as a gazelle.

The clouds kept on building and I was super excited about the dramatic skyline. Then spot on 3.00pm, just before the bride was due to make her entrance, crack, bang and the sky opened up and it rained and poured.  As all the guest that had already travelled from all corners of the globe to be there were clearly not going any-where, the decision was made to delay the ceremony till the storm passed. The ceremony was to take place under a beautiful olive wood structure that had been hand-made for the occasion overlooking the African plains.  At 5:30 the Pastor announced that the couple needed to marry by no later than 6.00pm in order for the marriage to be valid Kenya! The ceremony took place in the homestead at dusk literally minutes before 6.00pm.  The ceremony was so beautiful, utterly moving, emotive and every bit as romantic as any-one could have expected. Sonia and Marlon had taken the time to write their own wedding vows. It was perfect and exactly the way it was meant to be.

The funny thing about this very special wedding was that nothing went exactly to plan in the way of timings, locations and in particular my photography plan!  But it was awesome!  Beautifully fun, utterly romantic & memorable.

The night was filled with moving and entertaining speeches, good food and lots of dancing (both African and Western) and most of all, heaps of love & celebration with a fantastic group of family & friends.  It was by far the most international wedding I have ever attended – just fabulous.

Before retiring for the night, I asked the bridal party if they would mind sleeping in their hair and makeup, throwing on the clothes in the morning and doing a few outside/daylight photos with me.  Like the absolute troopers that they are, they all obliged, slept on their faces, and we had fun doing some morning shots of the newly-weds and the bridal party including the precious Thomas (Marlon’s son).  We had fun and we were all happy we did it.

Thanks so much Sonia & Marlon for choosing esh photography for your wedding photography. It was our absolute privilege to capture your very special celebration. We have loved the whole experience and a favored memory.  It has been wonderful getting to know you both and becoming friends.

Love and best wishes, Emily & De-leon.

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