“Bush elegance at its best! It has changed the way we thought about camping forever. It was like someone took all the contemporary style and comforts from a 5 star hotel and dropped it in the bush.”

To sleep beneath canvas in the bush, under a Milky Way so thick with stars that it looks like clouds, listening for the roar of lions in the distance…there’s no more iconic safari experience. Yet while a remote tented camp may evoke the classic ambience of old, it doesn’t mean you sacrifice modern-day comforts. Leleshwa Mobile Camp is a most refined way to experience the African wilderness. Whether you are in the heart of the Maasai Game Reserve during migration or nestled into the expanse and extreme beauty of the Northern Frontier District, the Leleshwa Mobile Camp is an experience like no other.

The Leleshwa Mobile Camp is a proper mobile camp seamlessly tailored to blend into it’s environment. The camp is fully self-contained and transported by lorry to selected private campsites around Kenya for the use of the clients that have booked it. When the camp is not in use, it gets packed down and returned to Leleshwa Camp for storage.

A crew of highly experienced safari staff set up each camp in anticipation of your arrival. Your private tented camp is your home away from home, acting as your base while you explore key wildlife areas. When you move onto your next destination, your camp is broken down leaving no trace of your presence in this pristine wilderness.