Laragai House - Laragai House is the private home of George and Lucilla Stephenson, and is available for rent when they are not in residence. Laragai is a house of spectacular beauty and can sleep twelve guests in extreme comfort.

The House

Laragai was built on Borana Ranch by two brothers - Lords Valentine and Michael Cecil - who have business interests in Nairobi and wanted a country retreat. George and Lucilla Stephenson, who subsequently bought the lease, have invested time and money in the refurbishment of the house.

The Laragai house bedroom.

The house is built on the edge of an escarpment which falls down 3000 feet into the Northern Frontier District. The views are stupendous - Lolokwe and Wamba Mountain dominate the far horizon to the north and Mt Kenya looms out of the clouds to the south.

An extraordinary house was constructed - no corners were cut and the most opulent home in Laikipia was created. Mirrors from Ireland, fabrics from London, hand-made furniture from Kenya and rugs from Rajasthan were used to decorate the house. The result is an eclectic mixture of styles and textures, which give Laragai its totally unique appearance. The house can sleep ten in extreme comfort and there is plenty more room for children and guides.

The Laragai sitting room.

The sitting room is 'African Baronial', the roof is thatched, there is an enormous fireplace at either end, exquisite paintings grace the walls and medieval weapons hang above the doorways. The sound system is brilliant, there are many CDs to choose from and if there is a musician in the party, a full size electronic keyboard is wired to the amplifier.

The house has a full staff, all of whom are attentive yet discreet.