Under the wide African night sky, it is hard to imagine a more romantic setting.

Kwihala is a refreshing combination of adventure and style, designed for those who would like to be that little bit closer to the wildlife and the excitement of Africa, but who still crave the creature comforts to which they have become accustomed. Yes we can all rough it when we have to, but why should we when we are on holiday?

And whilst it might be fun to crawl into a sleeping bag on occasion, it’s far more preferable to get into a proper bed with a comfortable mattress, freshly pressed linen and a fluffy blanket

There is still the excitement and trepidation of being just a few millimetres of canvas away from the great outdoors amid the sounds and scents of the bush.

Kwihala is about as good as it gets when it comes to a temporary canvas shelter. It is only when camping that you can get the feeling of being at one with Africa. It's exciting, it's wild and you are part of it, but it is not only about smart designer tents, it is about the camp itself. The central mess tent for dining and relaxing, the camp fire, the friendly staff and experienced guides, the amazing food produced from a ‘camp’ kitchen, the camaraderie, the hospitality and our enthusiasm to show you the best of Ruaha National Park and Southern Tanzania’s truly magnificent wildlife and birdlife. An experience you are unlikely ever to forget.

In order to enjoy the camping experience to the full it is recommended that guests stay for a minimum of 3 nights. Kwihala means "bush" - and this is some of the most beautiful African bush you will see. The camp is set in a high area with views over the surrounding countryside, near the Mwagusi Sand River - one of the best game areas in the National Park.

Breakfast is served in the mess tent - unless you are on a morning game drive, when a "bonnet breakfast" is laid out on the car at a suitable spot in the bush.

All meals are cooked in a simple bush kitchen - with some amazing results!

Designed by well-known contemporary African designer – Jacquie Resley, the 150 sq metre spacious mess tent is the main social centre of the camp.  The separate dining and relaxing areas create a homely feel, although canvas walls and open sides leave one with no illusions that one is camping in the bush.  Evening dining is outside under the stars – weather permitting.

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