Fundu Lagoon is on Pemba Island, which lies approximately 80 km northeast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja) and is about the same distance from the Tanzanian mainland, situated directly east of the of the port of Tanga. Unlike Unguja, which is flat and sandy, Pemba's terrain is hilly, fertile and heavily vegetated.

The Dhows have remained a constant throughout the history of Pemba. To this day they ply the run from Wete in Pemba to Shimoni in Kenya and, when the winds are favourable they plough south to Northern Mozambique.

Pemba offers today's visitor a number of attractions including lovely beaches, world-class scuba diving and a number of historical sites. The traditional Spice Markets make for an interesting day trip, as does Misali Island where the Pirate Captain Kidd is reputed to have used as a hide-out in the 17th century.

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