There are six Eco Bandas, each with an ensuite bathroom open to the sky for hot showers under the stars. The individual Bandas are distributed along the main beach to guarantee privacy, each with a view of the ocean. All have been designed with the environment in mind, specifically to have the lowest impact on the island and are powered singularly by solar power.

Banda in Ki-Swahili means “Hut” and, in a way, it describes well your accommodation. The shape resembles the Dhow sail (Dhow are the local traditional sailing boats, that you will see almost at any time when looking at the sea). It is all made of wood (only planted wood has been used, and no hard wood has been cut from forests) and makuti (palm leaves). Only the bathroom, because of its necessities, has been built in concrete, but shaped to be inserted in harmony with the rest of the building.

To make the best of the view at the most the banda is designed to be completely open at its front. Doors and curtains, in different combinations, at our guests desire, protect from wind and sun: there are two lateral doors with latches at the bottom and a rope to secure them on the outer structure of the Banda; and a central door which works similarly to a lift bridge: it is connected with a rope to a pulley (a traditional system used for the local boat’s sail). The curtain’s fabric and the ropes are the same used in local dhows to make sails and boat ropes.

Should our guests wish to enjoy the view from a higher point you are welcome to go upstairs onto the balcony.

The 6 lights of your Banda are powered by a solar panel on the top of the makuti roof. 

Hot water is heated by a 90 liters tank solar panel. Water consumption: water is an important resource also on Fanjove Island. Fresh water is not found on the Island; hence we have to ship it almost daily from mainland. We kindly ask our guests to be sensitive on the water consumption.