From here you can ride out along ancient elephant paths, encountering inquisitive Maasai giraffe and antelope such as the eland, impala, fringe-eared oryx and Grant’s gazelle, not to mention the magnificent “big tusker” bull elephants for which this area is renowned. Once through the forest you emerge onto the open grass plains where you can increase the pace and canter through seemingly endless long golden grass plains. Pass by herds of zebra, wildebeest and Thompson’s gazelle. Perhaps a flick of a tail in the long grass, or the twitch of an ear in the shade of a tree, will catch your eye and you may be lucky enough to encounter a cheetah or two.

You can also ride out and explore in the other direction – up into the volcanic Chyulu Hills behind the stables. Climb nearly a thousand feet in a morning, emerging into Wild Olive Tree groves where you could glimpse a shy herd of hartebeest. From the top of the ol Donyo Wuas hill, enjoy a delicious breakfast under the shade of a Red Hot Poker Tree whilst enjoying unending views of mount Kilimanjaro and the surrounding wilderness from horizon to horizon, before descending down the other side of the hills and back to ol Donyo Lodge for a refreshing dip in your private plunge pool.

Not restricted by roads, you are forging your own path through the landscape. Tuned into the rhythm of not only your horse but also the bush around you, it is truly the finest way to experience Kenya’s diverse landscape and its awe-inspiring natural world. 

The horses at ol Donyo Lodge are sourced and schooled with the guest’s comfort and enjoyment as our highest priority. The horses are soft, responsive, sensible and enormously fun to ride. Not only are they ridden in the bush but they also live amongst the wildlife during the day – free and unfenced. This makes for horses that are completely at home in their environment and that are an absolute joy to ride. All levels of rider from beginner to advanced can be accommodated.