20 years ago we were the first to arrive in Katavi, at a time when virtually no body else had heard of it and fewer still had visited.  Today, our camp, Chada Katavi lies hidden in the deep shade of acacia and tamarind trees on the edge of Chada plain.

We’ve kept Chada Katavi the way it began - small and intimate with just six East African safari tents.  Each of them is spacious and comfortable with wide-open fronts giving you panoramic views of the plain and animal life that constantly comes and goes.

From the air you have to be looking carefully to spot the tents (we’ve made sure of this) and they blend totally into their surroundings. So much so in fact, that you often don't have to leave your tent veranda to see game of all kinds.  Elephant are frequent visitors, attracted to the same shady fruit trees as us, and vast herds of buffalo graze on the flood plain.

Chada Katavi is stylish and wonderfully comfortable, but we share all the resources here with Katavi's animals and so we’ve ensured that our footprint remains light

We've recently raised all the tents on wooden platforms and added en-suite bathrooms with eco-flush toilets, traditional safari-style bucket showers and hot and cold water available on request.

Evenings start with sundowners around the fire, feeling tired but exhilarated after a day of being 'out there' on safari, and then supper under the stars before collapsing in bed and a night listening to the sounds around you.

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