Campi ya Kanzi has two goals: treat you to the most memorable vacation of your life, while helping the Maasai preserve their wildlife and cultural heritages. Here you will experience true ethical and solidarity tourism. State of the art technologies have been used to make the least impact on the environment: water comes from rain cropping, electricity from 120 photovoltaic panels, hot water from solar panels, food is cooked using an eco-friendly charcoal. But most importantly the lodge is a partnership with the Maasai local community.

Discover the real Africa: the Maasai Mara (600 square miles) offers accommodation for about 5,000 guests (76 acres per guest). Our Group Ranch (about 400 square miles) has one lodge, Campi ya Kanzi, with room for 16 guests (17,500 acres per guest). Here you will be in the real Africa, away from the minibuses and the noisy crowds. Being outside of a National Park you will be able to walk, in safety, escorted by your professional guide and Maasai tracker.

Unique is rather an overused (and often abused) term, but that’s what we truly are. Unlike other lodges, we are not in a National Park (with crowds of visitors) or in a small, privately owned concession.

Instead, we are a community eco-lodge, offering an authentic experience of an iconic Africa, rich in wildlife, wilderness and culture.

The diversity of the landscape, and consequently of the wildlife, is tremendous. You can spend a week  here, enjoying and discovering something different everyday, combining traditional game drives with unforgettable game walks, while being deeply immersed in the Maasai culture.

In the words of Edward Norton, the President of Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund: “The contribution that Campi ya Kanzi makes to Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust is a shining example of the way the romance and adventure of tourism in the last, best wild places can actually help preserve those places for the future.”

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