Welcome to Beyt al Salaam, the premier boutique hotel in the Stone Town, Zanzibar. For those who want to experience the charm of a classic African setting with a touch of ancient Arabian mystique, this is the place to be. The Beyt al Salaam is an exquisite, exclusive 6-room boutique hotel within an 18th century traditional Zanzibar house on 3 floors of what used to be a nobility tea house. Situated a short distance from the sea, the house is cool and breezy and the top floor bedrooms’ have wonderful views of the Ocean.

Over the years, the hotel has developed a reputation for peace and tranquility of a special kind. From our beautifully appointed lounge and rooms, our guests savour their drinks overlooking an open grassy square filled with hibiscus and ancient tamarind trees– simultaneously feeling the pull of the mysterious Indian Ocean only a few meters away and soaking up the lively ambiance of Zanzibar’s Stone Town.

Not surprisingly, it is known as the one place that brings together the ancient and the modern ambiance of Zanzibar into a seamless moment in time.


Beyt al Salaam is located in the famous Kelele Square at the heart of Zanzibar’s renowned Stone Town. This ancient and intricately designed house was built by a wealthy Arab merchant and over the years became a favourite haunt of the European residents of the town.

Folklore has it that the square was christened, Kelele – Swahili for noise – because of the noisy dogs that the europeans brought with them. The entire Stone Town area of which the hotel stands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means that, by law, no architectural change may be made and even renovations have to be cleared with the authorities.

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Everything about Beyt al Salaam rooms is as authentic old-Zanzibari as the great house itself. Each of the 5 fully ensuite bedrooms and suites are uniquely designed to its own character – with genuine antique furniture and fittings reminiscent of the days of the SultanT.T The sanitary amenities such as the lighting, soft furnishings, bathroom and toilet are, of course, modern but even they make concession to the ancient: from the lampshades to wall mats, everything tends towards designer artifact and while every room is fully airconditioned, there is a ceiling fan just so you can open the window and enjoy the breeze in the ancient manner – or simply to experience tremulous late night call to player of the Muezzin as he has been heard in the square of this house for generations.

The 5 rooms and suites are divided in to two categories:

Sultan Rooms:

These are the three largest rooms at the Beyt al Salaam, at approximately 40 sq. metres each. All on the Top floor of the House, they have captivating and relaxing sea views, especially at sunset. 

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