The game reserve pronounced “Seloo” is named after Frederick Courtney Selous who was an author and hunter. The reserve has more historical importance in that it was first marked as protected area in 1896 by the German Governor Hermann von Wissmann and became a hunting reserve in 1905. The reserve now is currently the largest protected area in Africa that is not habited by man. Selous game reserve is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site this is due to the diversity of its wildlife and undisturbed nature.

One great highlight are the wild dogs. The Selous safari is home to roughly a third of the total population of wild dogs on earth. You will also be able to see an amazing array of animals such as the hippos, crocodiles and antelopes. The other highlight is the sight at the river where there is an amazing concentration of different animals

Selous Tanzania Safari attractions include


Boat game viewing

Rare and endangered Wild Dog

Thousands of migrating elephants

Vast wilderness

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