Gombe Stream is situated north of Kigoma, in the western part of Tanzania. The park also happens to the smallest of all of Tanzania’s national parks. The main attraction of the park are the chimpanzees. The primates gained worldwide recognition after the work of Jane Goodall who founded an internationally acclaimed behavioural research program.

Gombe Stream is beautiful and serene. The park has no roads so it’s basically interacting with nature in its most natural form. When you take the boat rides along the Lake Tanganyika the beauty of nature will leave you completely breathless.

Another attraction is the matriarch “Fifi” this is the last surviving member of the original community of chimpanzees that Goodall started with. Along with the over 200 bird species and great hospitality from the chimpanzees make Gombe Stream a worthwhile visit.

Gombe Tanzania Safari attractions include

Chimpanzee trekking




Watch dhow builders at work