Pemba Island holiday is the true paradise for those who take diving and big game fishing very seriously. Pemba island is also one of the world’s major producer of cloves.

The fishing in this part is spectacular. Here you will find fish such as sharks such as the hammerhead and tiger, the king fish, barracuda, giant travally, large wahoo etc.

Even without trying you will readily be able to catch the bonito, king fish, and rainbow runners. To be able to participate in the fishing all big game charters must be booked in advance.

Please be advised that Pemba has a minimum of social infrastructure so there is a hardship element to it. This is purely for those that are seeking an adventure

Pemba Island Attractions include

Big game Fishing


Chwaka Ruins

Harouni Site

Kichokochwe Ruins

Mazrui Site

Mkame Ndume / Pujini Ruins

Misali Island

Msuka Mjini Ruins

Ras Mkumbuu Ruins

The Old Site Tumbe

Ngezi Forest

Virgin Grave Beaches

Pemba Holiday Accommodation

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