The Tsavo national parks are probably one of the more famous national parks in Kenya Due to the sheer enormity of the park is divided into 2 parts. East and west.  Though they are independent they nonetheless reach out to each other at times.  To give you a picture of just how large the park is.  Its larger than Wales or Jamaica.

Tsavo West Kenya Safari attractions include

The Chaimu Crater & Roaring Rocks viewpoint. These incredible viewpoints are located southeast of Kilaguni Safari Lodge.  Here you will be able to view the wildlife in their natural splendour.  All the big 5 including the lion, elephant etc are all here as well as the famous herbivores such a the antelope and impala

The spectacular scenery of rolling long grass and dense bush is very therapeutic.

There are waterholes which were built by the lodges which will give you a private show of sorts from the comfort of your room

Tsavo East Kenya Safari attractions include

Aruba Dam: you will be able to see alot of animals & water birds

The man eaters of Tsavo

Yatta plateau: one of the worlds longest lava flows.

Lugards Falls on the Galana river: This is a beautiful place for a walking safari

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