Samburu is an arid secluded place. The beauty of the Samburu Kenya safari is to see the wildlife in a different type of surrounding than the other green national parks. The highlight of the Samburu are the private sanctuaries that are in close cooperation with the local community to ensure that the environment and wildlife are looked after. The Samburu people have a rich culture which is similar to that of the maasai. Both communities are nomadic & herders of livestock

Though it is a dry place the area gets its water from the Uaso Nyiro River. The name is a translation of 'River of Brown Water' in Samburu. The region boasts of animals such as the elephant, leopard, lions, cheetah etc but a special treat to see is the gerenuk. This is a different type of gazelle that has a long neck and they stand on their hind legs to feed.

However apart from being a dry place there are some parchments of green. Along the riverbanks there are forests. It is in these forests that you will be able to see over 360 species of birds. The forests are also home to the elusive Leopards, which are often seen at dusk. As well you will also get an opportunity to see lions which frequent the river banks.

Other species that you are sure to see at the river banks are the hippos and the crocodiles.

Samburu Kenya Safari attractions include;

The three National Reserves of Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba

Grevy's zebra

Leopards during the day

Gerenuk 'giraffe necked' antelope

The Samburu people

Over 360 species of birds