Amboseli National Park is situated on the border with Tanzania.  While at the park you will see the majestic backdrop that is Mount Kilimanjaro.  Amboseli is most famous for its herds of elephants which roam the park majestically.  The area is also home to the masai people, this is sure to add that extra spark to the allure the park has to the tourists.  To see humans interacting with wildlife in an effortless manner is a sight to behold.  This undoubtedly is the photographers’ heaven.

The animals other than the elephant that are found in the park are lions, leopards and herbivores such as the buffalo, the vervet monkey, hippos, black rhino, Maasai oryx, wildebeest, impala and gazelle

Amboseli is also a haven for birdlife.  With over 425 bird species, such as the bee eaters, pelicans, eagles and kingfishers among others.

One of the most interesting things of the Amboseli is the volcanic ash that is found here, during the dry season it creates hazy images that make you “see things”

Amboseli Safari Attractions include

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Large herds of elephants

The Masai people & their great culture

Hazy images

To get a beautiful view of the Amboseli go to the Observation hill

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