The Aberdares is an area that is filled with thickly wooded hills and mountains.

The main attractions of the park are the tree-house hotels - Treetops and The Ark . The Treetops is the place where Queen Elizabeth learned of her father’s death and hence accession to the throne. Other attractions include the kinangop & Lesatima peaks, walks in the moorlands, Elephants, the park is also possesses the second largest population of black rhinos in Salient and Northern Aberdares. You will also enjoy the night viewing of wildlife at the Ark & Treetops.

The park is filled with scenic beauty from the rugged terrain to the waterfalls. The best thing of all is the walkways that are raised high enough so that you are able to watch the animals from spectacular views. The other good thing is that the animals are oblivious to the visitors at the park which will provide you the chance to see the animals in their natural habitat acting naturally.

An important feature to note is the “bell system” this is an alarm system that alerts you when there is a good sighting. When it rings out you can go to the viewing decks and see the wild in their true form.

Aberdares Kenya Safari attractions include

The treetop accommodation

Animal close-ups especially the elephant

Lions & leopards

Continuous viewing of the waterholes

Beautiful scenery