The name "Watamu" is a Swahili name which means "home of the sweet people". Historically the name is derived from the fact that arabs traders and slave drivers used to give sweets to entice & trick the natives before turning them into slaves. Watamu used to be a small fishing village and has since become the wonderful resort that it is right now. Watamu is a fun filled place from its white sandy beaches and protected lagoons to the wonderful national treasures and tourist attractions.

Watamu tourist attractions include;

Arabuko Sokoke Forest: The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is a marvel to behold because it is the largest surviving dry coastal forest that can be found in Eastern and Southern Africa. The forest has over 250 species of birds. For a more detailed tour you can have one of the several expert tour guides who will educate you on the amazing flora & fauna of the forest The forest together with Mida Creek are a recognised UNESCO Biosphere Reserve..

Gede Ruins: The Gede ruins is the remains of a 12th Century Swahili village that was mysteriously abandoned 600 years ago. It has now become a National Museum.

Mida Creek: This is a tidal inlet. The place is a natural paradise for national waterfowls, and is a resting place for migrating birds from Europe and Eurasia.

Watamu Marine National Park: This is a world famous site that boasts of fascinating rich marine life, and unbelievable coral gardens. To snorkel here is an adventure of a life time.