Malindi is situated at approximately 120 kilometres northeast of Mombasa. It’s a town particularly famous with Italian tourists. The town has also some rich history considering that it had once been a major port that was visited by foreigners. Visitors to the port included the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama and Chinese explorer Zheng He.

Remnants of Malindi being a major port are there to this day. You will find a church that was built in 1498. The pillar of the church is the only surviving evidence of this robust port.

Malindi tourist attractions include;

Arabuko sokoke: this is an ancient forest that lies between kilifi and malindi. The best time to walk through it is early in the morning or late afternoon. You can jog or ride a bike in it

Mida creek: is the ideal place for naturists. It’s a creek with mangroves that is home to the juvenile turtles and also you will find fish and bird that are migrating from Europe here.

Che-shale is one of Kenya’s vest kept secrets. It’s situated 20 kilometres north of malindi. The place is serene to a fault. The place is truly heaven and its the perfect place for big game fishing, kite surfing and even camel trips.

Other Malindi Tourist attractions include;

Idyllic beaches

The Watamu and Malindi Marine National Parks

Gedi Ruins

The Juma Mosque and palace