Your first 15 Minutes. The impressive Architecture of the open roof construction combined with our great love for the detail will immediately capture your eyes.

This oasis boasts with birdlife. Hornbill, Ibis, Weavers, Mouse bird, Sunbirds, and Guinea Fowl, including the rare Vulturine Guinea Fowl are only few examples of birds that can be observed while enjoying a glass of wine on your verandah. Kingfishers can be spotted at the fishpond especially in the early morning hours. Small Dikdik antelopes that live on the lodge premises roam freely between the Chalets.

Our 21 spacious rooms are nested in a tropical garden that is famous for its botanical specimens. Small Dikdik Antelopes and Guinea fowls are roaming freely between the chalets and can be watched at close range. All rooms are tastefully decorated and permanently kept in mint condition.

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