Your wedding at “Anna of Zanzibar”

“Anna of Zanzibar” is the ideal place to get married.

With our private atmosphere and our attention to detail we will make your special day unforgettable.

Not only will we organise your complete wedding including music, flower arrangements, photographer, hair stylist etc., but we will also take care of all the paperwork needed.

Let me describe a typical wedding as we have organised it already before:

Of course we will organise your wedding according to You will start your day with a refreshing breakfast on the beach, followed by a relaxing massage for the bride. At about noon your hair stylist will arrive to style you, including make up.

If you would wish a traditional Henna painting this can also be arranged. The future husband will at the same time receive his massage. We will serve you a light lunch during these activities and a glass of sparkling wine.

A photographer will already be on site to document your preparations. At about 3.00 pm the commissioner of Zanzibar will arrive and have a final check of your paperwork.

In the meantime we will have prepared a palm hut on the beach with flower decoration for your wedding ceremony. At 4.00 pm you will walk to the beach where the traditional Tarab band will greet you with some typical zanzibarian music.

The wedding ceremony will take about 15-20 minutes and after exchanging your rings you will be happily married.

If you wish the photographer will then take some pictures of you at the beach and in our garden. In the evening you have the choice to either enjoy a Suaheli diner or a lobster diner under the stars of Zanzibar.

The band will of course continue to play until late at night.

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