Welcome to Anna of Zanzibar

Anna of Zanzibar combines personalized service with a relaxed atmosphere. With only four luxurious suites, this boutique hotel offers privacy and exclusivity, ensuring that our guests enjoy a truly unique holiday experience.

Located on the wonderful white beaches of Zanzibar’s east coast, Anna of Zanzibar offers you elaborate colonial simplicity, combined with the privacy, luxury and amenities of a five star boutique hotel. Situated between Jambiani and Raz Michamvi,

Anna of Zanzibar is only an hour’s drive from Stone Town, a UNSECO World Heritage Site, with its fascinating fusion of Arabic, Asian and African cultures.

The anna was a traditional trading currency dating back to the days when dhows negotiated the trade winds to the Middle East and India, and Arabic and Asian traders made Zanzibar their home.

Anna is also the name of the daughter and godchild of the directors who founded this boutique hotel on the romantic east coast of Zanzibar.

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