Hi Joshua,

Thank you so much for all your help in making this happen for us. In particular we must thank you for all the advice and guidance you gave us in the weeks before we arrived in Kenya - you were there to answer our questions night and day - and even before we had made any payment towards the arrangements at all. Also we cannot forget how you helped us while we were in Nairobi too, picking us up from our hotel helping us with all the paperwork we needed to have our wedding in Kenya and even helping us find the right shops so Al could find some last minute wedding attire!

We wanted a private intimate wedding and that is exactly what we got! The wedding was beautiful and so romantic, right under an acacia tree with the middle of the mighty Masai Mara. We are still a bit overwhelmed when we think about it.  The Masai warrior escort was pretty surreal too as were the wild animals we could see out on the horizon during the ceremony (we think they were elephants and buffalo!) Thank you also for recommending Haig the photographer to us, he took some truly fantastic pictures and really captured our wonderful day. 

We couldn't recommend our camp Mara Explorer enough.  Steve the manager and the entire team at the camp took care of all the wedding arrangements - right to the last detail - and couldn't have looked after us any better. The al carte food was simply to die for and the place itself is amazing. The tents were like little palaces beautifully adorned with classic hand carved mahogany furniture and luxury en suite bathrooms and could not be in a more peaceful spot. Quite simply perfection and exactly what we wanted for our African safari wedding.

Thank you so much for everything.

Alan and Kay