Expert Guides & Porters while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Your Tour Guide

During the trip, you will have a trip leader. This person is there for you and is responsible for a successful ascend, prior to the climber’s will and ability. You will have a lot of questions to ask. Be it about Tanzania or Kilimanjaro itself, the trip leader is there to help. If you have any problem about the climb, that will be the right person to ask. Be sure to talk with them, especially about your health. The trip leader will be happy to listen to you. This person is the chief of the liaison between Climbers and Staff.

Why should I trust the guide?

Our guides have completed many training courses on subjects such as natural history, environmental conservation and wildlife. All guides speak Swahili and English fluently. Each guide also speaks a native tribal language that has been passed on to them depending on which of the 120 tribes into which they were born.

Also our guides have been trained as wilderness first responders in the United States or by the National Outdoor Leadership school international Recognized. These people have a passion for Kilimanjaro and all of Tanzania. They truly love helping others experience the amazing beauty of their country. They have extensive training and they all work as representatives of different internationally recognized companies.

Our guides know exactly to do all the time. The passion is not only for just doing their job, but to make sure you enjoy the trip and appreciate what they do. Don’t miss a chance to acquire some of the most useful skills from your trip leader.