Diving Holidays in Pemba

The diving around Pemba is nothing else but breathtaking. The untouched coral reef surrounding the entire island makes Pemba one of the top dive sites in the world.

Pemba is the perfect place for start your diving adventure. With one of the healthiest coral reef in the Indian Ocean, a water temperature averaging at 26ºC, and the best visibility of East Africa of 30-40 meters almost every day! In combination with these great water conditions Oxygène Pemba Dive Center has everything you need, including a great training pool in two levels, professional dive instructors, and multilingual staff to help you feel free like a fish!

The diving

Some of the dive sites around Pemba are spectacular by any standards. The deep Pemba channel rise dramatically towards the island’s west coast in a near-vertical wall. Diving in this region is characterized by exceptionally clear, blue water drop-offs and vibrantly healthy shallow reefs. Hard and soft coral gardens support a proliferation of reef and pelagic fish and other marine life. Strong currents are common around Pemba and the best option for snorkelers is Misali Island.